Bailey Christian Education Fund
Continuing the legacy of Rev. Charles B. and Mrs. Geneva A. Bailey

Continuing the legacy of Rev. Charles B. and Mrs. Geneva A. Bailey


Four score and ten years ago, our Heavenly Father brought forth on this continent, a unique preacher, bursting with Holy Ghost fire, and dedicated to the proposition that all men must Repent and Try Jesus!  March 29, 2018 marked the 95th Anniversary of Rev. Bailey's birth.  Happy 95th Birthday Anniversary Rev. C. B. Bailey.  What a legacy! Experience that dynamic preaching again.

Additionally, October 24, 2018 marked the 93rd Anniversary of Mrs. Bailey's birth.  Happy 93rd Birthday Anniversary Mrs. Geneva Bailey!

Founded in 1998, The Bailey Christian Education Fund (BCEF) was established for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to qualified applicants who are committed to receiving Christian Education to help them build and edify the saints of God or individuals who have committed their lives to a Christian Evangelism Organization that is engaged in seeking and evangelizing the lost.

In August of 2012, the 8 member Board of Directors selected two 2012 BCEF Scholars. Combined, they were awarded $2,500 in scholarships. You can meet these scholars by clicking on BCEF Scholars. You'll also meet our previous scholars, see their accomplishments and find out how they are advancing the cause of Christ.  In 2018, we are poised to surpass the $10,000 mark in scholarship awards.

Thanks to our donors, to date, BCEF has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship assistance to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you have been blessed by Rev. and Mrs. Bailey,  wouldn't you like their legacy to continue?  Won't you contribute to this cause?  BCEF is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization. Your tax deductible contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Donate now by clicking here:

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Or mail your generous check (payable to BCEF) to:
P O Box 2523
Kansas City, KS  66110

Here's how you can help:
~ Give a one time contribution of any amount small or large
~ Donate $10, $25 or $50 each month
~ Contribute to BCEF as part of your employer's annual giving campaign
~ Ask your church to include BCEF in its charitible giving
~ Tell someone else to visit this site 

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